1st Design Process!

It’s time for the first design process project in science! Using the design process, students will construct a prototype that tells the time of day or measures a time span.

We have looked at a few different examples of ancient instruments that accomplish these task, which students can recreate. These include…

  • L’horloge à l’ombre
  • Le gnomon
  • Le cadran solaire
  • La clepsydre
  • Le sablier

Students need to bring in research from home about which instrument they wish to create and will have three classes in class to complete their yellow project planning booklets and to create their prototype.

  • 6F4: Bring research for Wednesday, October 26 (this was assigned last week).
  • 6F5: Bring research Thursday, October 27 (this was assigned Monday).



Upcoming Science Quiz

Quiz alert! Students in both 6F4 and 6F5 will have a science quiz next week.6F4’s quiz will occur Tuesday, October 25, while 6F5’s quiz will occur Wednesday, October 26. The topics include (in French):

  • Des raisons pourquoi le Soleil est important pour la vie sur Terre
  • Les noms des planètes
  • L’ordre des planètes
  • Les planètes internes et externes
  • De l’information sur ta planète (p. ex. la diamètre, la distance du Soleil, etc.) – 3 choses

Bonne chance!


Party Committees

This year, party committees will plan a number of class celebrations for students in 6F5! It will be up to the committee to decide decorations, activities, food…and everything else. Each committee will meet with M. Sorokowski a week and a half or so before the party itself to plan and to decide who will bring what.

This year’s committees are:

  • Fall Party (October 31) – Ethan, Jarrett, Belle, Teagan, Audrey
  • December Party (Before Winter Break) – Josh, Jayde, Brenden, Neely, Hunter
  • Spring Party (Before Spring Break) – Lennon, Justin, Talia, Emily, Jovan, Kenny
  • End-of-Year Party (Late June) – Aidan, Nevaya, Prestyn, Cohen, Johnny, Oliver

Vive la salle 207!


#GRAPax has begun!

We are three days into the Global Read Aloud, and three chapters into Pax by Sara Pennypacker. So far, we have learned that Peter is a boy who runs away from home after being forced to abandon his pet fox Pax in the forest. We have made many predictions about what we think will happen in the thirty-some chapters to come.

Later this week, we will write letters to our penpals in Hamilton, Ontario, whom we Skyped with last week. We will also continue contributing to an online Twitter discussion. Questions are posted every day, and we draft answers to them in class, which M. Sorokowski then publishes as Tweets to the world.

Screen Shot 2016-10-04 at 12.32.33 PM.png
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As we continue studying Pax, we will begin to discuss in more depth strategies and vocabulary readers use to make meaning and to think deeply about literature. So far, we’ve discussed the concepts of moodtone, and connections.

The map below shows all the classes around the world who are reading Pax along with us. We will hopefully make more connections with readers and classrooms around the world as #GRAPax continues to unfold.

Our Class Beliefs

After the first few weeks of school, we took time to outline our class beliefs. We finished the sentences “We want a classroom where the students…” and “We want a classroom where the teacher…” first as individuals, then in small groups, and finally as the  whole class. These norms will guide our behaviour and how we relate to one another throughout the year. Below, you can see what those beliefs are. There is also a word cloud, from an activity we did on the first day of school, which shows interests we have in common.