Happy Holidays!



Spirit Week

We’re closing out 2016 with a whole lotta Holly Jolly! Here are the dress-up days for this coming Spirit Week!

  • Monday, December 19: Jersey Day – Wear a sports jersey/sports gear!
  • Tuesday, December 20: Holly-day / Holiday – Dress as your favourite holiday!
  • Wednesday, December 21: Winter Wednesday – Wear tuques, mittens, scarves, your fav sweater, etc!
  • Thursday, December 22: Pyjama Day – You’re welcome! 🙂

There will be fun activities for the whole school Thursday afternoon. Our class party – thanks, December Party Committee! – will take place Tuesday afternoon.

NASA Moon Rock Exhibit at the Manitoba Museum


From the Manitoba Museum: “We’ve got a real moon rock! NASA has loaned us a rock collected during the Apollo 17 mission to the Moon. Come and learn what it tells us about the moon’s origins, and hear the harrowing tale of how it journeyed from the Earth to the Moon, and then back again!” For more information, click here.

The exhibition begins today and runs until June 25, 2017. I encourage you to visit the Manitoba Museum and planetarium over the winter break!



Criteria for Song Project

Students’ drafts for the French song project and opinion writing are due tomorrow, as we will be moving on to the next step. They’ve had tons of opportunities to practice and received lots of feedback on their initial attempts, so this final one – where they were to choose their favourite song – should reflect their learning and improvement. Students were reminded to highlight their copies so they can clearly see that they have met all the criteria (see an example below).

2016-12-14 13.51.33.jpg

Coordinate System Games

Here are some fun online math games to practice coordinates in the Cartesian plane, which we are now learning about in math. We have learned that coordinates are always written in this format: (x, y). This reminds us of playing battleship, which also uses a grid system. Some students said it reminded them of Minecraft! The games below require Flash, so they won’t work on iPads unless you have a specific app, like Puffin.

Screen Shot 2016-12-14 at 9.18.52 AM.png

Screen Shot 2016-12-14 at 9.18.46 AM.png

Screen Shot 2016-12-14 at 9.18.43 AM.png

Screen Shot 2016-12-14 at 9.19.10 AM.png



Humans of Room 207

As a launch into our writing unit on personal narrative, students in 6F5 wrote a blurb about themselves in the style of writing from the Humans of New York (HONY) website, seeking inspiration from HONY posts along with student-written examples from Mrs. Lifshitz’s class – a group of students in the United States – and Humans of Biotech High School. The prompt was: What would you tell someone that they wouldn’t figure out just by looking at you? Though we completed these a few weeks ago, we are now ready to share with the world. Some students elected to post theirs only in the classroom (or in a paper book that we will be making), while the others wanted to share their writing on the blog. Enjoy!

La musique française

Along with the other Grade 6 classes, we have been listening to la musique française to practice expressing our opinion but also to appreciate the wide variety of Francophone music in the world. The playlist below will be updated as we go through the unit. Feel free to jam out at home! 🎤  Soon, all the students in Grade 6 will be making their own short video about what they like about a chanson and its vidéo-clip.

Math Quiz Alert! Factors and Multiples

We are finishing our second main unit of the year on factors, multiples, and prime/composite numbers. Les facteurs, les multiples, et les nombres premiers et composés. We have already done a lot of practice with les facteurs and les multiples, and now we are putting everything together for a final quiz. This unit followed our first on large numbers, place value, and general number concepts. Students will have a quiz Monday, December 12. This week, we will review and continue to solve problems related to these concepts. Below you will find a review sheet that contains questions similar to the quiz. An answer key will be posted on Wednesday! 

What else are we doing in math? In addition to practicing concepts like those described above, we learn mental math strategies and practice them each class. We also have begun to play a new game called “Trouve l’intrus,” where we use our mathematical vocabulary (and our persuasion skills) to describe why a certain number in a set doesn’t belong. In the picture below, students were able to describe why each number did or did not belong.


December Book Talks

Last week, students chose a date for their second book talk. They received feedback and are encouraged to use that feedback to make their second book talk stronger! Many students presented with notes, which helped them stay organized and not forget any important details.


  • Wednesday, December 7: Lennon
  • Friday, December 9: Aidan
  • Tuesday, December 13: Kenny and Ethan
  • Wednesday, December 14: Neely and Talia
  • Thursday, December 15: Jayde, Audrey, Prestyn, and Johnny
  • Friday, December 16: Jovan, Brenden, Emily, and Belle
  • Monday, December 19: Teagan, Cohen, Nevaya, and Hunter
  • Tuesday, December 20: Josh, Oliver, Justin, and Jarrett


New to this round: Platform Behaviour! This is also part of our criteria for our speeches. Platform Behaviour includes volume, tone, gestures, facial expression, and eye contact.

Criteria Points
Book Details (Title, Author, Genre) /3
Plot Synopsis /5
Recommendations / Connections /2
Platform Behaviour /5