Processus de design: La diversité

We have been working on creating and using dichotomous keys in science as part of our last unit on the diversity of living things. Students were assigned last week a project where they have to create and classify aliens! After two and a half classes to work in class, we have decided the project will be due Monday, June 5. This is also when they will present their projects. See the pages below.


Entertaining Speech

The second last speech of the year is an entertaining speech. Assigned last week, this presentation will be delivered starting this Thursday, June 1st. Students had time last week in class to work on them. The planning sheet is below!

We are Book Reviewers! (Part 1)

We’ve been working hard on Book Reviews in English Language Arts for a few weeks as a writing genre focus. First, we studied examples of book reviews and wrote a list of what we noticed about the reviews’ structure. Next, we wrote reviews in small groups about a picture book. Then, we wrote, revised, edit, and published our own individual reviews. These will be posted on students’ lockers – we really love reading at Ness!

Here’s the first set. More coming tomorrow and the day after!



Science Design Process and Review

We are coming to the end of our science unit on electricity, which means it’s time for the design process and a review for our final test! Both documents are below and have been reviewed and worked on in class. As with before, the answer key for the review will be posted on Friday.

The test is Wednesday, May 10. Design process construction will begin tomorrow morning, and we have not yet decided on a due date. (Lightbulbs, batteries, wires, and basic switches are provided.)

Design Process

Test Review