Snapshot: April 9-13, 2018


Dear Knights,

We accomplished a fair bit this week on major projects. Both classes in English worked toward the first check-in for their non-fiction feature articles. The check-in will occur Monday, and students are expected to have a completed article to hand in. They will then receive feedback to improve their article’s structure and content. While we worked on our articles, we also learned about poetry. We are up to Round 4 in our poetry tournament. Which poem will win?

In French, students published their stories this week. We will give them a read next week and celebrate their accomplishments. Our next study will involve graphic novels and comics. Many students wrote mini-comics last year, so our focus this year will be to learn how to read them effectively and how authors/illustrators communicate information through words and images.

Finally, in Mathématiques, we approached the end of our unit on measurement. Students have learned how to calculate the area and the circumference of a circle. And on Friday during the late afternoon, students tackled a tricky question called “La chèvre au ventre creux”. They had to use their knowledge of rectangles and circles to calculate various areas and radii. We will have a quiz at the end next week, and students will receive review materials on Monday.

I’d also like to thank all students who participated in the various commemorative days this week – whether it be Jerseys for Humboldt, Pink Shirt Day, or the Winnipeg Jets Whiteout. Lots of school spirit and solidarity was evident in Ness’s halls.

Happy reading,

M. J. Sorokowski


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