Snapshot: May 7-11, 2018

Dear Knights,

A lot of work has happened on our feature articles in English. Most students have finished publishing, and their articles will be ready for the world to see very soon. We spent lots of time in the computer lab, and students also were introduced to a website called NoRedInk, which diagnoses any grammatical troubles students may have and then gives them exercises and lessons to help fix them. It was quite popular, I’ll admit (and I was a bit surprised!). Not only did we work on writing, we also read the introduction and the first two chapters of Underground to Canada. Having done so much pre-reading helped students understand the context in which the novel is set. (Also – scandal! We haven’t yet voted on our final poem. That will happen TOMORROW! Stay tuned…)

We continued to read graphic novels in Français this week, identifying and defining unfamiliar vocabulary words and then reading aloud to practice fluency, expression, and presentation. We completed the reading of one graphic novel and submitted work, which I will return with feedback. The next graphic novel will involve similar work, but this time it will count for a mark. Lots of great reading going on!

Finally, in Mathématiques, we took an expedition to the gym to ask mathematical questions. Later that week, we returned to the gym to complete the measurements and observations needed to answer the questions asked. This week, we will work to solve them. There are a few very creative questions, and others involve the concepts we have been studying over the past month (including decimal operations and measurement of circles and shapes). We have also continued to learn about fraction addition. So far, we’ve learned about how to add fractions with the same denominators. We will then review equivalent fractions before looking at how to add ones with different denominators. Then…subtraction! Students learn about multiplication and division of fractions in Grade 8.

Have a great day! And of course, happy reading. 

M. J. Sorokowski


Snapshot: April 30-May 4, 2018

Dear Knights,

We are almost to the end of our English poetry competition! The semi-finals have arrived. Which poem will make it through to the end? 7F1 has voted on their favourites, and 7F2 will do so early next week. In addition to poetry, we have continued our learning about slavery to prepare for our novel study of Underground to Canada. We completed an image analysis by examining a picture and writing what we saw and what inference we could make from it, and we also began a reading about the slave trade and the origins of slavery in America. Later this week, we will begin reading the novel. Finally, we moved closer to publishing our feature articles. Expect to see those published copies very soon!

In Français with 7F1, we began reading a series of graphic novels in groups to work on reading comprehension strategies and fluent oral reading. We have also looked at our last text form of the year: persuasive texts. Students will write short persuasive texts about subjects important to them. We began by reading a complex persuasive text to learn about the general structure, which we’ve been practicing already throughout the year during oral discussions.

Finally, in Mathématiques with 7F2, we continued to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division with decimal numbers. It was a good review to see how the standard algorithm works for each operation. Students should continue to practice these regularly to maintain their proficiency. We also worked in estimation, so students can estimate what the answer should be before calculating it. This way, they know if they made an error. We applied what we knew about decimal multiplication to calculate percentages, including taxes, tips, and sales. Finally, we began to look at addition and subtraction of fractions with our super awesome guest Mme Page, who comes to co-teach our math class on occasion.

I hope you enjoy the weather today. Happy reading (on the deck)!

M. J. Sorokowski