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Please find our collection of feature articles below. Bravo, 7F1 and 7F2!

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Snapshot: The End

Dear Knights,

What a year it has been! This is the final snapshot post of the 2017/2018 school year. I hope you have enjoyed these (usually) weekly glimpses into what’s going on in room 207. Furthermore, I hope the snapshots have provided material for talking about school at home, as middle-school kids are well known for providing one-word answers about their learning!

To finish the year, we presented 15-word book speeches in English Language Arts with 7F1 and 7F2 in order to share our favourite books of the year. The second post with more of students’ recommendations will come next week. We also began to write some fun micro-fiction to end the year. These stories are very short and end on cliffhangers.

En français with 7F1, we presented our opinion texts – there were many great topics, including whether dogs or cats are the better animals and whether schools should require dress codes. We also watched Le Petit Nicolas en vacances to get into the summer spirit!

In Mathématiques with 7F2, we reviewed some principles of probability and reviewed concepts studied throughout the year. We also had our class party, based on the calculations and estimations done during our trip to Safeway a few weeks ago. Students who have had difficulty with math concepts over the school year are encouraged to continue their learning this summer. Please email me for recommendations – the JUMP series of workbooks available at McNally Robinson (although not great on their own) are good for concept rehearsal.

This coming week will see us engage in a variety of learning activities, as our time together is precious right till the end. For instance, both classes completed a mystery activity to practice our inference and deduction skills. This week, we will also play a quiz game that reviews a number of concepts from across the subject areas. We will also have our annual transition day, where students spend time in the Grade 8 homerooms.

Many students are aware that I will be teaching Grade 8 English and Mathématiques next year (my favourite subjects!). I realized this week that I have been gifted the rare and fortunate opportunity to have taught almost all of the Grade 7 students at Ness, and I look forward to continuing the learning with a number of this year’s students and families. For those moving on from our classroom, I wish you the best and remind you that I’m always around to help and talk – especially about books! I always love getting emails from families asking for book recommendations. One came the other day from a former student now in Grade 9 at Sturgeon Heights. What a great moment!

Look here later this week for Noteworthy and the remaining student book recommendations.


M. J. Sorokowski

Best Books of 2017/2018 – Part 1

Students in 7F1 and 7F2 wrote and presented 15-work speeches to share their Favourite Book of the Year! Check out the selections below from 7F1. These titles are perfect to look for during a trip to the Winnipeg Public Library. As always, how suitable each book is depends on the kid. They’re usually great judges themselves as to whether a book is a good fit or not. Happy Reading!


(This project was inspired by fellow Grade 7 teacher Pernille Ripp.)



Snapshot: The Recent Weeks

Dear Knights,

It’s been quite some time since the last learning snapshot, and for that I apologize. Looking back, we have accomplished quite a bit during these past few weeks. We are finishing the 2017/2018 school year strong! 

To begin with, we finished reading Underground to Canada in English with 7F1 & 7F2. Students created a “one pager” to demonstrate their understanding of the novel. They had to choose quotes, words, and symbols or images that fit with the themes of the book. They also had to write a critical response to the text. These are now on display in our classroom. Bravo!

We also launched NOTEWORTHY, our anthology of feature texts. Requests have already come in from various teachers around the building for a copy to add to their classroom libraries. We will also put copies in the Ness Library and in the foyer. Feedback has been very positive, with Mr. McKeil, one of our division’s curriculum coordinators, said he was impressed with students’ tackling of sensitive subject matter and the great hooks. A copy will be available on this blog shortly.

In Français with 7F1, students completed their graphic novel study and identified story elements. We also watched two versions of La guerre des tuques and compared them. Believe it or not, we also tackled a final writing project for the year. Students studied and then wrote their own texte d’opinion to convince their classmates of their point of view. They will present them toward the end of the year. Finally, we were treated to our final CFOO presentations – many students chose to be a chef once more. Lots of great treats!

Last, in Mathématiques with 7F2, we continued our study of fractions. We learned how to add and subtract fractions, including how to do so with mixed numbers. Students also were given the challenge to convert their answers into decimal numbers in order to demonstrate their understanding of the many connections found in our number system. We also completed a learning expedition to Safeway in order to plan our year-end party. Students, in teams, were responsible for finding and calculating prices (decimal operations). We then decided how much money every student will need to bring in order to have our dream party. (The answer ended up being $4 after much debate!) In addition to all our calculations, we also worked on the coordinate plane. In Grade 6, students worked exclusively in the first quadrant, and this year they worked in all four. They drew images and then created their own drawings to practice coordinates. This study will take us to the end of the year, and we will also continue to complete some final mental math evaluations, using the strategies we have practiced throughout the year.

Don’t forget: Lots of photos of our goings-on on Instagram

Have a great weekend!

M. J. Sorokowski